My Classroom

 When you first enter the door.
 The front left corner of the room (guided reading area).
Book bins and crate storage
 My Welcome to 3rd Grade brochures that last years class made!
I can't wait to let this years students pick one to read!
 Looking at the back of the room...snack bins, Homework Hotspot (which I am so excited about trying this year!), storage, and student mailboxes.
 Click on the picture to get the numbers for FREE!
*black version of numbers*
 Classroom library!
Genre posters are from the amazing Beth Newingham - get here!
Library labels are from Miss Simons Says - get here!

Front of the room - my desk, storage, and math station.
Math station labels are from Miss Simons Say - get here!
I simply used one piece of velcro on the back of each of the labels so that I could change them out if needed.
Front board...has my reader's workshop rotations, daily schedule, and lunch choices.
Schedule signs are made by Miss Simons Says - get here!
You can get the blank gray time schedule signs for FREE here!

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