Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Yay for Fridays! Oh wait, it's only Tuesday! :) On Fridays in third grade, my team has a phenomenal reward/accountability system.  Every Friday, the last thirty minutes of the day we have Hotdog!

What is Hotdog?
Hotdog is a time for kids who made positive behavior and academic choices a chance to celebrate.  It is also a time for teacher's to conference with kids who were absent, on vacation, made multiple below the choices, or are repeat homework offenders.

How it Works:
Each teacher is in charge of running one of the three rooms.  The rooms that students could be in are:
  • Relish: This room is for students who made positive behavior choices and turned in all of their homework on time.  Kids in this room get to enjoy thirty minutes of free time.  When it is nice outside, we take this group of kids outside for extra play time! :)  When it is cold, they can play board games, draw, color, talk, read, etc. in the designated classroom.
  • Ketchup: This room is for students who have missing assignments, whether it is due to absences, vacation, or late assignments.  This is a silent work room for kids to have an extra thirty minutes to attempt to "catch up" on their homework/tests.
  • Mustard: This room is for students who need to conference with a teacher about multiple below the line choices they made throughout the week.  The students fill out a reflection form writing down what below the line choices they made and how they are going to fix them for the next week.  In addition, if a child has more than two late assignments in a week, they are in this room developing a homework plan.

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