Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Schedule Signs

Hello again!
I am very excited to share my favorite creation!! :) I designed these schedule signs to help students transition smoothly from lesson to lesson and, of course, to help teachers keep track of their ever so busy days.  The simplistic color and bold graphics are sure to match your ever changing classroom decor!  Personally, I am currently obsessed with the sleek look of black!  All of my boarders, name tags, and stationary are from the BW Collection.  I LOVE them!
Schedule signs are made by Miss Simons Says - get here!
You can get the blank gray time schedule signs for FREE here!

I am also a big fan of a calm classroom environment, while keeping the students engaged and not sleeping of course!  When my students come into class in the morning, only one bank of lights are on along with my colorful string of lights (which I purchased at Target! - similar ones here). It is such a peaceful way to start the day.  I also use the lights as my transition signal, for example, I turn on the other banks of lights once we are ready to stand and say the pledge to start our day.  The kids know to keep working until I signal with the lights.

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