Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Late Homework

Late homework is always dreaded as a teacher.  I have tried using weekly wrap ups, taking away privileges (primarily recess, which is a time kids need!), and late slips.  I have created some simple late slips that I used this past year that worked great for the kids who cared.  The kids who did not seem to care about late homework were, sadly, repeat offenders.  With that being said, the ability keep the late slips in the student's file folder was great record keeping and easily accessible during conferences.  This year, I'm going to pair my late slips with The Homework Hotspot! I'm super excited!  I stumbled across it on Young Teacher Love's blog and it is genius!  I'm hoping it will motivate my students to turn in their homework, and the best part, eliminate no name papers!

Click on image to download the free late homework slip!

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